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Sublime coding tool

Microsoft Visual Studio is a programming language suite that offers both free—Community Edition—and premium coding services—Professional and Enterprise Edition. Making the process simpler, faster, and easier, this effortlessly became one of the top choices of app developers for IDEs. From the first lines of code all the way to deployment, everything is streamlined.

The Visual Studio 2022 for Windows now supports 64-bit applications, which means you have the liberty to open, edit, run, and debug even the biggest and most complex solutions without fear of running out of memory. Eclipse is one of its strong competitors.

Is Visual Studio 2022 free?

As stated, Microsoft Visual Studio does provide a cost-free platform through Visual Studio Community. Of course, naturally, as compared to the two versions that require to be purchased—Professional and Enterprise—Community is somehow limited in features and power. For instance, a Community license can't be utilized in projects that involve a business or enterprise. Its IDE capability isn't as solid as the paid ones as well. It allows no live dependency and architecture validation, architectural layer diagrams, and more importantly, code clone.

For Testing tools, on the other hand, it only enables Unit Testing while for its Advanced Debugging and Diagnostics abilities, it only includes code metrics, graphics debugging, static code analysis, as well as a performance and diagnostics hub. Furthermore, some items during cross-platform development won't be used in Community subscriptions like embedded assemblies, Xamarin inspectors, and even profilers.  Nonetheless, regarding the Collaboration tools and features, the same function is available in Community, Professional, and Enterprise Visual Studio editions.

What's new

Visual Studio 2022 is heavily designed to be faster, more approachable, and more lightweight that beginners, as well as experts, both have something to use to their advantage. Its Find in Files feature performs 3x faster even when searching for large results such as Orchard Core. Establishing modern, cloud-based applications through Azure can instantly be done with ease as it grants full support for .NET 6 and its unified framework for web, client, and mobile apps of developers. Moreover, it is now Windows 11 compatible.

Not only that, but it also upholds C++ workload with fresh productivity details, C++20 tooling, and IntelliSense. For Blazor and Razor editors, a huge update awaits you, and more advanced capacities for Hot Reload in ASP.NET Core including Hot Reload are added. Moreover, you no longer need to look for external tools or multiple instances of Visual Studio just to work on a project that's hosted on different Git repositories. Visual Studio 2022 now presents a single suite that permits it.

For Faster and Easier Coding

Using Microsoft Visual Studio, gives you enormous confidence to code efficiently, all thanks to its multitude of features that can speed up the coding process. Errors can be found and amended easily, and code can be shared with people quickly. Professionals will appreciate it, especially for its powerful collaboration tools while students can learn and create code quickly thanks to IntelliSense and CodeLens. For anyone who does a lot of coding, Visual Studio is highly recommended.


  • Supports 64-bit applications
  • Community edition is freely available to download and utilize
  • Find file even faster
  • Enhanced IntelliCode


  • Limited features and power in Community edition
  • Installation can require troubleshooting

Program available in other languages

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    really good.
    it is really a good software for student and professional.........
    i like it most and i prefer it

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    I need to know how..
    how to download Visual Studio for free? I'd really need..
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    Its an excellent tool for developing apps and applications
    i use visual studio for developing windows 8 apps Pros: we can code  More


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